Early Modern Period

Start date

1300 AD

End Date

1521 AD


Aztec Religion

Main Teachings

Cosmovision based on warfare, agricultural cycles, human sacrifice, various destinies based on type of death

Metaphysical Beliefs


Ethical and Moral Principles

Duty and sacrifice

Ritual and Devotional Practices

Human sacrifice, Ceremonial feasting

Spiritual Practices

Meditation, Pilgrimage

Foundational Teachings and Scriptures

Codex Borgia, Codex Borbonicus

Narrative Traditions

Mythological narratives

Sub Type


Historical and Cultural Context

Ancient Religions

Historical Development

Primal or Indigenous Religion

Geographical Distribution

Western Religions

Organizational Structure

Institutional Religions

Scriptural Authority

Revealed Religion

Sociological Approach

Ethnic Religion

Philosophical or Ideological Focus

Naturalistic Religion

Gods or Deities

Huitzilopochtli, Tlaloc, Quetzalcoatl

Beliefs on the Afterlife and End Times

Different afterlife destinations based on death

Existance of Afterlife


Existance of Reincarnation


Religious Structures

Temples, Pyramids

Religious Leader Types or Roles

Tlamacazqui (Priests), Huexotzincas (Shamans)