Classical Antiquity

Start date

33 AD

End Date



Christianity (Orthodox)

Date Notes

Originating from the early Christian Church

Main Teachings

Liturgical worship, sacraments, adherence to Orthodox Tradition

Metaphysical Beliefs


Ethical and Moral Principles

Sacramental life and tradition

Ritual and Devotional Practices

Divine Liturgy, Icons

Spiritual Practices

Hesychasm (Contemplative prayer)

Foundational Teachings and Scriptures

Bible (Old and New Testament), Church Fathers

Narrative Traditions

Lives of saints, Hagiography

Sub Type


Historical and Cultural Context

Medieval and Early Modern Religions

Historical Development

World Religion

Geographical Distribution

Eastern Religions, Western Religions

Organizational Structure

Institutional Religions

Scriptural Authority

Revealed Religion

Sociological Approach

Universal Religion

Philosophical or Ideological Focus

Esoteric Religion

Gods or Deities

God (The Holy Trinity)

Beliefs on the Afterlife and End Times

Heaven or Hell based on faith and deeds

Existance of Afterlife


Existance of Reincarnation


Religious Structures

Churches, Cathedrals

Religious Leader Types or Roles

Bishops, Priests, Deacons